On the go: Portable tool boxes for any occasion

Like any collection, an assortment of tools can quickly grow into a garage full of devices for sawing, hammering, destroying and building just about anything. Of course, a garage or shed is great for storing tools, but you will also need something that helps you get your tools on the move if you need to use them at a different location. You might need a mobile tool box that lets you go from building to building, or you may wish for a large display you can wheel around your man cave.

If you need something that will get you to and from work or around a large property, then a plastic tool box on wheels may be what you need. These styles are available as traditional boxes with pull-out trays or as rolling drawers. Many of them contain an expandable handle for easy rolling.  Plastic tool boxes with wheels allow you to carry heavy tools, or simply a large amount of tools, without breaking your back. While it looks like it might hold clothing and watches on the inside, the luggage tool case is a hard shell sturdy tool transportation device. You can also purchase a heavy-duty metal luggage case tool chest.


For short trips around the room

If you are going to keep your tools primarily in one place, then you will probably want a large mobile tool chest. This is usually a large set of drawers with a lift-up top. You can sort and store all of your tools, including power tools, in a mobile tool box. On wheels, these boxes can easily be slid close to your car, woodworking or any other project for quick and easy access. Most of them have locking wheels so you won't have to worry about your tools rolling away. It is best to get one of these boxes in a rust-resistant material such as aluminum or steel. Keep in mind that aluminum is a softer metal and easily dings. If you plan to sling around your tools fairly frequently, then you will want the sturdiness of a steel box.

Weighing your options

When you are deciding what tool box is right for you, there are a few factors to consider. If you are on a budget, cost can be a huge factor, but you will also want to weigh in a few other items to see if that super cheap value tool box is really going to be worth the money. You need the box to be durable enough for its intended purpose. If you won't be using your tools a lot then an inexpensive aluminum or thin plastic box might do okay for you. However, if you are going to tote your tools around in your truck bed from job site to job site, then you will need something a little more durable. Likewise, the amount of carrying you do will determine the material of your box. If you need to tote your box around all day, you won't want to go for heavy steel. And finally, you will want to choose a tool box the right size to hold your tools, with an organization system that makes sense to you.

You have many choices when it comes to tool box styles, designs and materials. Whether you are looking for a simple caddy or a fancy rolling system, Sears can help you find the right tool box for you.

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