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      Whether you're hunting for your favorite constellation or preferred game animal, you'll find the right gear at Sears. High-quality telescopes for hunters and hobbyists can help see the stars easily or find prey quickly. If you're a serious astronomy buff, you'll prefer telescopes with fully coated lenses and high-performance optics. For hunters, outfit yourself with a telescope to add to your hunting equipment like, compound bows and hunting blinds. Choose from a variety of styles and models to fit your optical needs. Pursue your recreational passion with all the products from your favorite brands.

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      See the celestial sites with telescopes from Sears

      Telescopes are ideal for budding scientists and hunters alike. They bring astronomy to life for both young stargazers and experienced hobbyists, but they can also help hunters catch their prey. You can find a variety of telescope models with high-quality lenses suitable for beginners, while advanced users will prefer the fully coated, high-performance optics. Some telescopes even feature computerized star locating. They use the time, date and GPS to determine your location. The information is used to direct you to the planet, star or comet you want to see. Top models contain a database of 40,000 celestial objects. Find both refractor and reflector telescopes when you shop at Sears.

      If you're interested in night vision equipment like telescopes, consider a reflector model. Reflector telescopes operate with two mirrors that project the image through the eyepiece. Sears has reflector telescope models to fit any need. Some beginners like to choose reflector models because they are inexpensive. Of course, the mirrors inside the telescope are sensitive to movement, so these scopes are not easily portable. Sometimes the secondary mirror creates an obstruction over certain planets and often stars near the edge of your view look like comets instead of stars. This type of telescope is designed for the casual stargazer or beginning hobbyist.

      Refractor telescopes are made with glass lenses. When the light goes through air and glass it refracts an image into the eye piece. This allows you to see the planetary alignment of your choice. While these run on the more expensive side of optics, they offer low maintenance, clear aperture, better contrast and a fixed lens for easy transporting. This type of telescope would be ideal for traveling and the advanced astronomer. For someone who is interested in seeing far, but not quite into space, consider a monocular, which is a smaller version of a refractor telescope. For all your optic gear, look to Sears for the highest quality products.

      Hunters, who use scopes and other optical equipment, know that a good scope helps to increase accuracy. Some scopes attach right to your gun so that you can aim and shoot without blinking an eye. If you're having trouble calculating how far away your target is, look through a rangefinder for solid accuracy. Sears has a huge selection of optical equipment for hunters and other hobbyist to choose from. Find everything you need to explore the night sky or a quiet forest.

      Quality optical equipment from Sears helps you enjoy your time outdoors. Our selection is outstanding, so you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for. See your world more clearly, day or night, with high-performance optics.


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