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      Birdhouses & Feeders

      Add a touch of beauty to your backyard with birdhouses, bird baths and bird feeders. Create a relaxing place in your garden to watch these beautiful feathered beasts eat and play right in front of you. Lawn ornaments like gazing globes and wind chimes can add a splash of color to your favorite bird-watching spots. When it comes to bird feeders, there are several types available, including some designed to attract specific kinds of birds. Sears can help you find the outdoor accessories that you need to draw all of your favorite birds and other creatures to your garden.

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      Invite nature into your backyard with birdhouses and bird feeders

      Birds of a feather may flock together, but with the right bird feeders, you'll discover a variety of bird species in your own backyard. At Sears, you can find hundreds of birdhouses and bird feeders to welcome your feathered guests. With a birdhouse, you can give smaller birds shelter from the weather, and you can offer your patio visitors a tasty snack with a new bird feeder.

      If you love spending hours watching the various wild birds that nest in your trees or pass through your yard, you may want to create a comfortable environment for them. Birdhouses can give the local birds a place to make their nests for the season or hide out during inclement weather. Set up an area near your birdhouse for a decorative fountain or bird bath, so they can enjoy the water.

      When creating a bird haven in your backyard, a bird bath can help attract your feathered friends. During the summer months, when the sun is high and temperatures are rising, the bird bath gives birds a place to drink and splash around to keep cool. You can even choose heated bird baths to keep water available for visiting creatures during colder months. For a natural appeal, a small pond can also offer your birds that cool water experience.

      Whether you hang a bird feeder from a garden arbor or you have one close to your kitchen window, feeders are the best way to draw birds to your home. Specialty feeders like hummingbird feeders, suet feeders and hopper feeders allow for different species to access food easily. You can also choose a squirrel-proof bird feeder or add an accessory to your existing bird feeder to ward off pesky squirrels. Of course, if you want the squirrels to join your backyard menagerie, you can find squirrel-friendly feeders to draw their attention, as well. The type of feeder can limit your choices of bird food, so be sure you stock up on the right food.

      You don't need to visit the local wildlife preserve to appreciate the natural beauty of birds and other creatures. Birdhouses and bird feeders can bring endless hours of joy and entertainment to your backyard. Whether you're an avid bird-watcher or an animal-lover, you can shop at Sears for accessories and decor to create an inviting stop for the birds in your neighborhood.


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