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Planters Add Color And Interest To Your Yard And Garden

Sears offers a wide selection of planters and garden accessories that are both decorative and functional. Choose from traditional hanging baskets, carts, raised beds and deck railing planters.

Display potted plants and flowers in novelty planters shaped like carts, baskets and tricycles. Planters have enough space to hold several plants. Free-standing screen planters sit against a wall to create a display of color and texture in a large area. All of these planters look great on a front porch, patio or garden pathway.

Hanging baskets and trailing vines add a welcoming touch to your front porch. Rust-resistant metal withstands years of use. Coco liners and chains for hanging are included with hanging baskets.

If you have hanging plants, consider using coco liners from Sears. The natural fibers retain water so you spend less time watering your plants. They come in round and rectangular shapes to fit many sizes and shapes of planters. Simply insert into the planter, fill with potting soil and add your plants and flowers.

Add some color to your backyard with deck railing planters. This option eliminates the hassle and expense of potted plants that fall off the railing and break. Deck railing planters from Sears come in several sizes, are adjustable and fit most 3-inch and 6-inch railings. Mounting brackets are included.

To create a flower bed or vegetable garden in a small area, consider using raised beds. The square shape is easy to maintain, promotes better plant growth and fits nicely into a small backyard or urban area. Cedar frames are resistant to rot and insects. They can also be used as a sandbox if you ever decide to give up gardening.

Creating a beautiful deck or garden doesnt have to be a hassle. Shop at Sears for the best selection of planters, baskets and accessories to suit all of your gardening and outdoor decorating needs.



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