Pogo Sticks

Jump higher than ever with pogo sticks that give your entire family a workout that doesn't feel like exercise. Kid-size pogo sticks are colorful and designed to withstand plenty of bouncing. This old-school toy gets a modern-day revamp with comfortable handles, but Sears also carries retro designs if you want a pogo stick that looks like the one you had as a child. Some toys never go out of fashion, and this bouncy stick is one of them. Kids and grownups love the active toys Sears offers, including physical education supplies that promote fitness in a busy world.

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Bounce to fun and fitness with pogo sticks

Pogo sticks have bounced back onto the scene in a big way. Your children will love the gravity-defying excitement, and you'll enjoy seeing them stay fit while having fun. Sears has pogo sticks for everyone. Shorter models from GeoSpace and Lalaloopsy have lower footrests for mounting ease and safety. Their springs are softer, so lightweight children can compress them for good bouncing. We have larger pogo sticks with stiffer springs to handle more weight. Some are rated to 160 lbs. so many adults can see whether they still have what it takes to keep bouncing.

As a parent, you want to know that your children are safe while playing. FlyBar sticks are covered in thick foam to help prevent injury. Some Jumparoo pogo sticks replace the single peg with a large, round foot that promotes better balance. You can help to ensure safety by encouraging your children to bounce on grass rather than a hard sidewalk or driveway. Sears can help you make the yard an attractive place to play with other toys designed for backyard fun. These include play sets from Little Tikes and Gym Dandy for toddlers and children up to 10.

We have several pogo sticks that are built with heavier construction for teenagers and adults. American Pogo Stick and Maverick make high-end models with performance springs for use in the new sport of extreme pogo which is also known as Xpogo. You'll pay more for these top-quality pogo sticks, but if you're serious about having fun and getting fit on a pogo stick, they'll give you years of durable service. Riding a pogo stick is a high-energy sport. When you prefer something with a slower pace, there are backyard games like bocce ball. Our collection of bocce ball sets from Trademark and Sportcraft include balls in all standard sizes and weights suitable for casual games.

Pogo sticks aren't just for little ones. Riding a pogo stick is great exercise for your legs. If you'd like to give your arms a workout, games like disc golf can help. Sears has disc golf sets and baskets from DGA and Aerobie that provide excitement for the whole family.

Riding a pogo stick is dynamic recreational game for kids of all ages. We have models in sizes to fit everyone in your family. Enjoy getting fit with pogo sticks from Sears.



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