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      Pathway Lighting

      Enhance the look and feel of your landscape with pathway lighting from Sears. There are stakes that operate with solar lights. Torches are a temporary solution but nevertheless work wonderfully for a backyard barbecue or house party. Stick them into the ground, light them and watch them flicker and burn for up to eight hours. They add functionality as well as atmosphere to your walkways. Rely on outdoor lighting accessories for the creative touches in your landscape. Solar lights that hide insight containers in the shape of bunnies and frogs look nice in the light of day and add a whimsical glow to flowerbeds after dark.

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      Beautify your landscape with pathway lighting

      Pathway lighting has the power to be as functional as it is decorative. You can easily beautify your landscape with the addition of just a few light sources. At the same time, this type of illumination greatly increases the security and safety of your family and guests. For example, Mr. Beams manufacturers motion sensor LED stair lights that you easily attach to your deck stairs. Powered by batteries, these lights turn on when someone uses the stairs. Since during the darker hours shadows occasionally obstruct the clear view of upcoming stairs, these light sources are functional, easy to hide and nevertheless quite attractive. Best of all, there is no need to run any type of wiring to make them function.

      Of course, it is not just all about safety and function. Add Blomus Orchos torches from Sears to enjoy about eight hours of flickering illumination. These torches are great choices for your weekend barbecue that goes on to last until after dark. Solar pathway lanterns come with a stick that lets you put them into the soil along pathways and flowerbeds. While the light charges throughout the day, it gives off a bright shine at night. Choose these types of lights when you do not want to run wiring and maybe have some unconventional lighting needs. For example, if you need light near the corner of your garden that is farthest away from your home, this kind of light is an excellent choice.

      For stationary lights that you would wire for electricity, pick lamp posts from Trans Globe Lighting. These attractive posts come with one, two or three lanterns. Do not use light bulbs higher than 26 watts in some of the single-lantern models. This light looks muted and attractive behind frosted glass. For a lot more light, install a three-lantern model that features six bulbs, each of which may have a maximum rating of 60 watts.

      Stand-alone or hanging lanterns add a whimsical feel to any landscape. Disney manufactures a line of stand-alone lanterns that feature iconic silhouettes from their beloved comics. Acclaim Lighting offers hanging lights that have a matte black body and clear beveled glass. Hang these lanterns from a post or from a hook in the arbor. Garden Oasis makes lanterns with LED candles. Made completely of iron, these lanterns are gorgeous additions to a picnic table or any area of the landscape where you want to bring some light to on a temporary basis. Since the lantern uses LED lights, it is safe for use around children.

      If you are not quite so handy that you would want to install pathway lights yourself, why not entrust Sears with all your installation needs? Offering convenient online services that let you choose the types of installations you are looking for, the retailer handles everything from automotive installs to service plans. Common brand names here include Brother Industries and Iomega. Check out what Sears can do for you today!

      Sears carries a large number of pathway lighting products, lamp posts, lanterns and online services. They beautify your home's landscape and keep you and your guests safe. Install a variety of light sources today for the safe use of your yard tonight.


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