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      Add desirable shade to your home with awnings

      Awnings come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any need. Choose an 8-foot awning to install above your picture window for shade when the afternoon sun heats up the living room. Pick a 24-foot model to install above your patio door and shade a good portion of the patio as well. The framework of most awnings is made of aluminum and steel for durability. Cables and hardware are stainless steel to ensure trouble-free operation for years to come. Manufacturers make the awning fabric itself from dyed acrylic, which they then treat to withstand UV fading, mildew, mold growth and soiling.

      Choose a retractable awning that rolls up easily when you do not desire shade. Temporary awnings easily attach to brackets that you place above your windows. In the winter when there is heavy snow or when inclement weather threatens, you simply remove these awnings for storing in a garden shed or in the garage. Another type of awning that you install permanently above your windows is the canopy style. Rather than using a fabric, manufacturers rely on maintenance-free durable plastic to provide a fade-resistant shade provider for your windows. Match the color to complement the trim of your home.

      Since you are upgrading the look of the home's facade, do not neglect to update old shutter accessories as needed. Squeaky shutters are unattractive and detract from the curb appeal of any home. They also make it difficult to open your windows as needed. Replace worn screws and hinges with new mounting hardware for vinyl or wooden shutters.

      If the shutters need to be replaced completely, it is a good idea to do so in concert with the purchase of awnings. Match the colors so that both facade additions harmonize with the color of the trim. Choose your design with the ornamentation of an awning in mind. Some models feature raised panels or louvered shutters. Adding the lines of shutters to a striped awning fabric results in a heightened visual appeal.

      Ensure that you also enjoy protective shade while you are in the backyard. Outdoor canopies are excellent choices when you eat some meals outside or simply spend time relaxing in the backyard. Temporary canopies feature an aluminum frame and a plastic or fabric covering. Permanent canopies are heavier and frequently display ornate lattice work. Choose a plastic or fabric covering. Some models come with built-in lights and attached mosquito netting for even more comfort. Keep up these types of canopies all year.

      Sears carries a stylish selection of awnings, shutter accessories, shutters and outdoor canopies. Assess your shade needs today. Buy the awnings and shutters that complement the good looks of your home. Pair these purchases with canopies for outdoors and enjoy the sun.


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