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      Sit comfortably in the shade with an awning

      Awnings are an ideal way to ensure comfortable shade, and they come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any need. Choose an 8-foot awning to install above your picture window for shade when the afternoon sun heats up the living room. Pick a 24-foot model to install above your patio door and you can shade a good portion of the patio as well. The framework of most awnings is made of aluminum and steel for durability. Cables and hardware are stainless steel to ensure easy operation for years to come. Awning fabric is typically dyed acrylic, which is treated to withstand typical sources of wear and tear like UV fading, mildew and dirt.

      Choose a retractable home awning that rolls up easily for the times when you want full sunlight. Temporary awnings easily attach to brackets that you place above your windows. When there is heavy snow or when inclement weather looms, you simply remove these awnings for storage in a garden shed or in the garage. You can also choose a window canopy style to permanently shade your windows. Rather than using a fabric, many of these canopies use a durable plastic to shield your windows from the sun.

      Sears carries a stylish selection of window awnings for homes, as well as shutters and outdoor canopies. Complement the look of your home with long-lasting awnings.


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