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      Commercial Patio


      Create an al fresco restaurant space with commercial outdoor furniture

      When it comes to enjoying a fine meal or a few drinks with friends, it's hard to beat the pleasure of dining in a relaxing outdoor space. Whether you're running a sidewalk cafe or a beachfront seafood restaurant with an ocean view, you can set up an enjoyable outdoor dining area for your customers with commercial patio furniture from Sears. Choose from our collection of Sears’ commercial patio furniture, and styles ranging from traditional to country to modern.


      Compared to patio furniture for the home, commercial grade furniture is made of stronger materials and has passed rigorous safety testing. Sears' selection of commercial-use furniture is rated with a 250-pound minimum weight capacity. As a business owner, you'll want to make sure your outdoor furniture can safely accommodate guests of all heights, weights and builds.


      If you're opening a business in warmer climate, you'll want to make sure your guests have plenty of sun protection. It's hard to enjoy a strawberry daiquiri or pina colada when the hot sun is shining into your eyes, after all. Commercial outdoor dining sets from Grand Resort, La-Z-Boy and Ty Pennington Style are available with built-in umbrellas to keep the midday sun off your guests during the lunch rush. Our commercial dining sets come with UV-resistant seat cushions which resist fading over time, while the waterproofed fabric coverings helps shed stains from rain, spilled wine and mustard spills alike.


      You don't have to move your diners inside just because the weather is a little chilly. Extend your outdoor dining season with a few well-placed commercial patio heaters. For a traditional gas lamp look, set up your dining terrace with a 360-degree heater from Inferno. The classic rubbed bronze finish complements the warm tones of a wood-paneled Irish pub or French bistro quite well. If you're after a trendy look, go with a vertical outdoor heater from Lava Heat Italia. The gleaming stainless steel construction contrasts well with modern furniture in black upholstery.


      Every restaurant is best suited for a different kind of outdoor space. A vine-shaded trellised patio with wrought iron furniture is perfect for a neighborhood pizza parlor, and an open storefront with quaint painted wood furnishings works well for a sidewalk coffee shop. Whichever type of establishment you own, you'll find commercial patio furniture to match it. Create a beautiful space for your customers with outdoor tables, chairs, ottomans and more at Sears.