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Count on flag poles to fly your emblem high

With flag poles and accessories from Sears, you can easily display your pride in your country, your home state or your favorite sports team. Brackets that hold one or more flags are easy to mount on porch columns or the side of the house. Hanging a flag from a sturdy metal pole keeps it in place during all kinds of weather. Show your true colors in style as you fly your favorite flags high.

From American flags to decorative banners, there's no end to the kinds of flags you can display outside your home. Athletic banners are available for just about every sport and team. Baseball, football and even NASCAR racing are represented in a rainbow of colors and emblazoned with your favorite team logos. Even college teams have banners that you can hang out on a horizontal flag pole or from a special stand in your yard. Some banners require a much taller pole or bracket to unfurl completely but are an eye-catching way to draw attention to your home. Choose your flag before buying a pole so that you can be sure that your outdoor display will look the way you want it to.

You aren't limited to showing off your outdoor decor during the day. Flag lighting mounts to the top of your flag pole to light up whatever banner you decide to hang from it. With a solar flag pole light from ANNIN & CO, you don't even have to worry about power. Small solar panels arranged around the top of the unit capture the sun's rays during the day and use the energy to create a 15-ft. to 20-ft. diameter cone of light that ensures that your flag always be illuminated. It also comes in handy on dreary days when the sun isn't out to light up your yard.

Sears also stocks several yard lights and lamp posts to keep the exterior of your home well-lighted. Attractive pedestal-style posts are meant to be used in and around the garden, making them perfect companions for your decorative flags and banners. If you are looking for outdoor lighting for your business, Walters produces many high-powered outdoor lights that mount on standard lamp posts. Arrange a few around the parking lot of your brick-and-mortar store to guarantee that customers will always have enough light to see by when they stop in to shop. Combining high quality lighting with an eye-catching flag creates an inviting environment outside of both commercial and residential buildings.

Flag poles and brackets come in all shapes and sizes to support a variety of flags. Whether you want to unfurl the biggest American flag you can find or adorn your garden with the logo of your favorite team, a sturdy pole keeps both flags and banners flying high. Shop Sears to find just the right pole for the types of flags you want to display.

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