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Create a comfortable outdoor living space with attractive gazebos

Your patio and backyard should be comfortable, attractive extensions of your home. Gazebos create shaded seating areas perfect for picnics and parties. From simple to elegant, these and other outdoor structures and accessories allow you to put together a beautiful outdoor living area. At Sears, you can get everything you need to turn your yard into a cozy oasis.

Like gazebos, pergolas provide shade anywhere in your yard. With open sides and flat or arched tops, these structures let you sit and enjoy the weather without baking in the sun. Garden Oasis makes pergolas with canopies and lights that can be used day or night. Eye-catching models from Eden offer regal styles that dress up summer parties. Some pergolas are designed as bases for vines and flowers. These often have criss-crossing beams or trellis-style tops to support the weight of greenery as it grows. Train roses and other attractive plants to climb up the sides and over the top for a style that adds fairytale charm to your garden.

Even with the shade of an outdoor structure, outdoor fans might be necessary to help you stay cool. Just like indoor fans, outdoor models from Deco Breeze, Lasko and others move air wherever you need it. The LavaHeat brand offers fans that blow cold or warm air, keeping you comfortable in the cool of the evening as well as the heat of the day. Many outdoor fans are made in a traditional upright style with a solid base and metal blades inside a metal cage at the top. Others are more elegant, featuring slim designs reminiscent of old-fashioned lampposts. Set up a few around your patio to create a breeze on still days and keep bugs at bay.

When you want to relax and warm up instead of cool down, hot tubs do the trick. Sit back and unwind in a tub from Home and Garden Spas or Reliance Whirlpool for a comfortable home spa experience. Choose a large rectangular tub that can seat a whole group at your next party or try something smaller for personal use. A combination of heated water and a variety of jets creates a relaxing environment that soothes tired muscles and brings relief from aches and pains.

Combining outbuildings with luxurious accessories such as hot tubs adds elegant style to your patio, yard and garden. There's nothing like being able to retreat to your own backyard for a miniature vacation in the middle of an otherwise hectic week. Shop Sears and get exactly what you've been looking for to create the outdoor getaway of your dreams.


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