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Create cooling shade under pergolas, awnings and canopies

To create cooling shade at your next event, pergolas are your simplest solution. They come in various sizes and most are portable. Many are very stylish open structures and look elegant at events as they provide shade over exhibits or dining areas. Tops and sides can feature open shade or be covered. Sides may have protective drapes or other types of shades that offer relief from sun, wind or rainy weather. Outdoor awnings are another cost-efficient way to provide shade and sun protection. We have many styles, including retractable rollout awnings. Besides offering cooling shade for parties and events, awnings and shutters help protect windows from storm damage and are a cost-efficient way to beautify the exterior of your home while reducing indoor cooling costs in hot sunny weather.

Canopies are similar to pergolas, but most have a covered top and are easily portable. These are a good choice whenever you need temporary shelter for guests or to use at trade shows or exhibitions. Very large outdoor canopies can be used as a temporary storage shed and are big enough to contain vehicles. A pole frame canopy is open all around but has total overhead coverage, so it creates a nicely shaded area below. Some frames have pop-up construction and full side walls. We also have tarps and replacement canopies for gazebos and other structures. Many outdoor events are suitable for use of a free-form sun shade sail canopy that is suspended in the air. Mosquito netting, straps and leg skirts are also available to use with outdoor canopy structures.

Use outdoor patio rugs to lend warmth and comfort to your seating areas or to define an area such as a walkway. Runners and mats will help protect surfaces such as carpeting or wood decking from heavy traffic. A welcome mat at the door is always nice to greet guests upon their arrival. We stock many styles, colors and sizes of outdoor patio rugs, all manufactured with durable fabrics that hold up to the stresses of weathering. UV treatment helps to keep colors vibrant and stops fading. Our rugs will fit into any area you need covered. Choose small to large sizes or shapes of all kinds, like square, oval, rectangle or hexagon. Some mats are good for safety as textured ones do reduce the potential for slip and fall accidents. We carry rug accessories also, like double-stick tape and fabric cleaners.

Outdoor events are the ideal time to put into service a portable pergola for decorative interest and protection. Covered with an outdoor awning, tarp or canopy, the pergola is a perfect place to set up your trade show table or to entertain your dinner party guests. Outdoor awnings and canopies will provide shade, and outdoor rugs can add a welcome touch of comfort to your outdoor events. Sears has them all, ready for delivery to your location or for pick-up at our store.


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