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      Charcoal adds flavor to your backyard barbecue

      When you buy hardwood lump charcoal, you know that the chunks come in a variety of sizes. Simply arrange these coals in your grill to provide a uniform layer of fuel. The unique makeup of this grilling fuel ensures a flavorful experience that you can taste. Standard briquettes are another option when you plan your backyard barbecue. Buy them in bulk to save quite a bit of money.

      Plenty of briquettes come with a fire starter coating, which makes it easier than ever to get the barbecue lit the first time. Since there is no need to add lighter fluid to the grill, you will not get that slightly chemical aftertaste. When you need to have high temperatures for searing a leg of lamb or other pricey cut of meat, place solid bricks at the bottom of your barbecue. Spread the charcoal over the bricks and put the meat on the grill as soon as the flames die down. In this manner, your barbecue can reach temperatures of up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep a close eye on your meat to prevent burning.

      If you decide to add a fire pit to your patio or deck, be sure to also place one or more firewood racks nearby. Keeping the wood logs organized ensures that the area looks neat and clean. Racks vary in size. Purchase a 16-foot model if you keep plenty of firewood handy on a consistent basis. For the occasional use of logs, a 3-foot rack is sufficient. Remember to pick a storage device that offers some protection against rain or snow.

      Perhaps you are not really interested in the whole charcoal and fire pit experience. If you still love to barbecue, take a closer look at Sears' large collection of gas grills. They barbecue your meat, fish and vegetables just as well as charcoal grills. Choose models that feature more than two burners to set up multiple cooking zones. When you buy a gas grill where the burners line up side by side, you will have an easy time setting up a variety of cooking zones that allow you to sear, broil and roast at the same time.

      Keep your barbecue in good repair with replacement grill parts. Install a new gas grill burner when the old one no longer performs well. Replace the old cooking grate that has seen better days. If you want to upgrade your barbecue or add more functionality, go ahead with the installation of a dual fuel conversion kit.

      Sears carries a huge assortment of charcoal, firewood racks, gas grills and grill parts. Set up the patio with entertaining your friends and family members in mind. Buy your favorite type of grill and add a fire pit and some firewood racks for comfort. You can get everything set up and ready for use by this weekend.


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