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Choosing Between Electric Grills And More Traditional Models

Sears carries many options for grilling, and you can find the right style for your backyard. >Electric grills offer you the option of grilling in a modern style. These grills are portable, so they're great for traveling or tailgating. Sears also offers electrical converters, which allows you to turn your old grill into a modern model.

Charcoal grills offer the best flavor and texture when you are cooking meats. They are also perfect for recipes that require slow cooking. The heat produced by the coals allows the meat to get crispy on the outside without overheating the core. Charcoal grills are portable and require cleaning after use. Transport collapsible charcoal grills by packing them into a specially made travel bag.

If you like your meats cooked well done, gas grills will allow you to control the amount of heat produced to prevent singeing the edges. Gas grills are often stationary units, but they come with wheels attached for required transportation. Many models come equipped with side-burners and top racks. Cleaning is easy with gas grills, and you can even purchase special non-stick ranges.

Kenmore offers quality gas grills, and Sears provides one-year warranties with all models. The grilling control offered by these models includes adjustable heating and infrared rotisserie cookers. When you are looking for an expansive range to cook on, these gas grills have multiple racks and side-burners for cooking meats and vegetables at the same time.

When you are looking for a new grill, Sears offers the most variety. Be sure to get the best in grills before your next cookout.



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