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Barbecue with gas grills and other appliances

Gas grills are amazing appliances. They provide high heat that quickly but thoroughly cooks even the thickest steaks. If you are in need of convection roasting, these grills perform beautifully. Put your chickens on a spit and close the lid so the warm air surrounds your food. When you prefer to roast your meat with some indirect heat and plenty of hickory smoke, simply close the lid after you add a smoke box to your grill.

Always buy a gas grill that has more than two burners. Remember that the number of burners relates directly to the number of cooking zones you can set up. If possible, choose the model that features all the burners in a row rather than one behind the other. This way, you can further fine-tune your cooking zones and protect your foods against uneven temperatures. Crank the burner to the right and sear your steaks. Turn the temperature to warming on the left and allow your meat to remain on standby until it is time to serve.

Since you are sure to get a lot of use out of your gas grill, be sure to remember the purchase of grill cleaning products. Long-handle grill brushes allow you to clean the grate while it is still hot. A palm scrubber lets you perform the same task after the grate cools down significantly. Pick brushes with detachable heads so that you can exchange the bristle brush heads whenever they wear down too much to properly clean the grates.

When you feel adventurous and are ready to experience new culinary heights, add one or more smokers to your barbecue setup. Available in gas, electric and charcoal models, these products give your meats and vegetables distinctive flavorings. Hickory, applewood and mesquite are just a few of the smokes that permeate your food to give it a characteristic taste that you would usually only associate with restaurant steaks. Gas and electric smokers are very easy to operate. Charcoal smokers call for a bit more finesse.

For the inimitable taste of a flame-broiled steak, check out the wide variety of charcoal grills that Sears offers. Become an expert backyard grill master and coax heady flavors from charcoals strewn with wood chips. Just like a gas grill, the charcoal models also perform the basic tasks of high heat, indirect heat and smoke roasting. Unlike gas grills, you can coax up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit from your charcoal grill when you place the briquettes right underneath a leg of lamb or other pricey cut of meat.

Sears offers a large selection of gas grills, grill cleaning supplies, smokers and charcoal grills. Buy a couple of grills and a smoker for the best versatility. Once you've grilled your perfect steaks on your amazing gas grill from Sears, enjoy your meal outside on your patio furniture. Remember to add cleaning tools that help you keep your outdoor cooking appliances going strong for years to come.


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