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      Gas Grills

      You can't top the versatility of gas grills. BBQ grills often feature multiple cooking zones, making them a more versatile way to prepare a full meal. Line up your main and side dishes on the grill rack and cook to your heart's content. While you sear the steaks to perfection on the right, you can arm the pineapple slices on the left. This is not as easy with charcoal grill. When you unpack your trusty BBQ grill, you know that you can raise cook different food items to the appropriate temperature at the same time. Find the gas grill brands you trust at Sears.

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      Find a new gas grill for your backyard

      Gas grills provide high heat that quickly and thoroughly cooks even the thickest steaks. With the power of propane, you can heat up your grill in a flash to cook up hotdogs for a fun family lunch. BBQ grills give your food a smoky flavor without the hassle of charcoal grills, so you can enjoy a great tasting and easy-to-cook dinner. If you prefer convection roasting, these grills perform beautifully. Put your chickens on a spit and close the lid so the warm air surrounds your food. Find the perfect gas grill when you shop at Sears.

      Depending on your outdoor space, you can find the perfect option from Sears' selection of barbeque grills. Small-space grills are perfect for apartment balconies, while a four burner model may make sense for a family with a large backyard. Create delicious dishes by turning on the gas valve and igniting your grill. For an added flavorful touch, pick up a smoker and create a variety of delicious treats for family parties.

      Once you've grilled your perfect steaks on your BBQ grill, enjoy your meal outside as you relax on patio furniture. Sears has the high-quality brands you trust to cook your meals to perfection. Find the best grill for your lifestyle to make special memories in your backyard.


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