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Protect your outdoor cooker with quality grill covers

Though the warmest months of the year are often the most enjoyable, the weather can be unpredictable. Rain, wind and hail are all common occurrences. Investing in grill covers and other protective accessories ensures that your outdoor area can make it through any storm unscathed. You've put a lot of work into the style of your yard and patio, and you can trust Sears to help you keep it looking great.

When your grill is accompanied by attractive patio furniture, you'll always be ready to entertain friends, family and neighbors. Create an inviting living area right outside your back door with charming bistro-style tables and chairs or a full dining set. La-Z-Boy Outdoors, Ty Pennington Style and other Sears brands bring you a wide variety of patio furniture to choose from. Match the decor of your home with casual or country designs. Traditional styles make for a classic patio setup while modern collections look much like today's living room furniture. Try something a little different with an eclectic set that features eye-catching cushions and sleek metal frames for a look that's unique to your home. Once you have everything set up, consider keeping it sheltered with a sturdy gazebo or pergola. These structures add a touch of elegance to your patio while shielding your table and chairs from direct sunlight.

When you're not using your patio set, outdoor furniture covers keep it safe. Basic shapes and colors from KoverRoos and Garden Oasis protect everything from dining sets to chaise lounges. Covering your furniture prevents weather damage and fading, allowing each piece to retain its original beauty.

Smokers make a great addition to your patio setup. We stock a selection of these cookers to meet all of your needs. Choose a charcoal smoker and get classic taste from a compact design that doesn't take up much more room than your regular grill. Electric- and gas-powered smokers offer more cooking space with less mess. Vertical construction allows for double-door models or multiple interior racks that let you cook large amounts of food all at once. For moist, delicious meals on camping trips and at cookouts, try small portable smokers that can be set up anywhere. A variety of wood chips and smoker bags can be used to achieve full-bodied flavor each time you use your smoker.

Designing the perfect patio is only part of the picture when it comes to your outdoor eating area. Be sure to cover your grill and furniture when they're not in use to keep them from getting damaged by any inclement weather that comes along. Check out the selection available at Sears to get your patio ready and preserve it season after season.


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