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      Barbecue with updated grill parts and new grills

      Replacement grill parts run the gamut from cast iron burners to grill grates. When you have purchased the perfect barbecue that suits your needs and cooks the meats perfectly, maintain it with replacement parts as needed. Plenty of these parts fit a wide range of models, which makes buying just the right items much easier. Look for respected manufacturer names like Brinkmann, Jenn Air and Cuisinart.

      In some cases, you may be able to heighten the grill's performance with replacement parts. For example, you can opt to replace a somewhat flimsy grill grate with one fashioned from cast iron. The durability of the material is sure to extend your enjoyment of the appliance for years to come. Remember to verify whether a manufacturer intends an aftermarket part for use with a gas grill or a charcoal grill. There are some differences in designs and material choices. Mixing and matching your grill parts is not a good idea.

      If you decide that it is time to replace your barbecue, look at the wide variety of gas grills that Sears offers. Choose a grill that has at least two burners, which enables you to work with two distinct cooking zones. The more burners an appliance has, the more cooking zones you can utilize. Pick a gas grill that features burners in a row. When you work with a larger cooking surface, you have the option of doing different types of barbecuing during the same session. For example, indirect heat holds your meat until you are ready to serve while direct heat sears a steak or cooks it to perfection.

      Add different tastes to your meat with the help of smokers. Choose from charcoal, gas or electric appliances. Charcoal smokers are for experts who know how to modulate the airflow and temper the available fuel to coax specialty flavors from wood chips and logs. If you prefer an appliance that lets you turn it on and finish its job without a lot of supervision, choose gas or electricity as power sources. Gas gives you the freedom of setting up your smoker anywhere in the backyard. This can be a good idea when you do not want to have meat smoking right underneath the kitchen window.

      If you are the type of barbecue buyer who believes in the purity of coal, charcoal grills are the appliances to check out. Reaching temperatures as high as 700 degrees Fahrenheit when properly stacked, charcoal is the best method of quickly heating pricey lamb or beef cuts. Some manufacturers combine a smoker tray with this type of grill, which lets you smoke a cut of meat while cooking it. Buy a charcoal grill if you are not afraid of dealing with the messy cleanup.

      Sears carries a huge assortment of grill parts, gas grills, smokers and charcoal grills. Upgrade your grill today or buy a new one for the weekly cookout. Get everything set up today; barbecue like a professional chef tonight.


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