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Outfit your outdoor kitchen with smokers and accessories

When you're buying your first meat smoker, you have a lot of options. The charcoal smokers require you to pay close attention to the mix of air and fuel. Choose a model with a built-in thermometer that helps you keep an eye on the consistency of the temperature. Electric smokers much easier to operate and may be the perfect choice if this is your first foray into the world of smoked foods. Since electric smoker grills maintain a consistent temperature, you can simply set them to the desired temperature and then let them do the cooking.

Gas smokers are also quite easy to handle. Add flavored wood chips to give your meats the tastes you like best. Since these models do not require you to stay close to an electrical outlet, you can take them on the road, move them around in the backyard or simply keep them on the patio. Be sure to keep the proper outdoor cooking tools on hand at all times.

If you want an alternative to the standard charcoal grill, check out the assortment of gas grills at Sears. No matter what cooking method you prefer, you'll find everything you need to create a flavorful and smoky feast.

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