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      Choose superior outdoor cooking tools for your barbecues

      There is no need to raid the kitchen utensil drawer in search of suitable outdoor cooking tools. Sears offers a huge selection of the types of utensils that make barbecuing fun, easy and safe. Purchase a stainless steal barbecue kit from Craftsman. It includes a set of tongs, a fork, a brush and a turner. Other manufacturers sell sets that are more elaborate. Kenmore, for example, offers a 12-piece set that not only includes the basic grill cooking utensils but also features specialty items such as a digital fork thermometer and a set of corn holders.

      Other outdoor cooking tools go beyond the basic utensils that any grill master needs and focus on the specialty items that not everyone has. A fish basket lets your grill a whole fish to perfection without running the risk of having the skin stick to the grill. Other cooking baskets support the non-stick barbecuing of various vegetables. It is easy to lose sliced zucchinis or peppers to the grate spaces of the grill. Baskets make it easy to cook these veggies to perfection on both sides without losing even one piece to the coals.

      Start your outdoor cooking extravaganza with just the right type of charcoal. Hardwood lump charcoal contains chunks that lack the uniform size you usually associate with commercial coals. This type of fuel burns quickly and adds a unique flavoring to the meat. Standard briquettes come in uniform sizes, burn slowly and are easy to use. Some brands come with a fire starter coating. Add wood smoking chips to the briquettes to create a cooking smoke that includes flavoring.

      With the right grill cleaning supplies, cleanup does not have to become a dreaded chore. Long-handle brushes make it easy to apply the elbow grease needed when it comes to cleaning the grill grate. Choose a palm tool if you usually clean your grill after it has cooled down significantly. In this case, you do not need the protection against the heat that a long handle offers. Whenever possible, choose a brush that lets you exchange heads as needed. The bristles wear down over time and attaching a new head ensures continued cleanliness of your outdoor cooking appliance.

      If you are happy with the grill you own, keep it in good shape with replacement grill parts. Swap worn cooking grates with brand-new aftermarket models. Remember to always specify whether you are buying a gas grill or charcoal grill part. If you would like to convert your existing grill to a natural gas type, simply buy a conversion kit that lets you make these adjustments quickly and easily.

      Sears carries a sizable selection of outdoor cooking tools, charcoal, grill cleaning products and grill parts. Equip yourself with the right tools before the next cookout. Buy easy-to-use tools and products for successful food preparation.


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