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      Turn the heat up with outdoor grill accessories

      When the weather warms up, you can start grilling regularly. Not only will you benefit from grilling by keeping your indoor kitchen clear of food debris and cooking odors, but you'll also enjoy fire-grilled tastes that only outdoor cooking can provide. One of the perks of outdoor grilling is the sheer number of ways you can cook food outside. Whether you're smoking, grilling on a wood plank or using a side burner on your grill, Sears has the outdoor grilling gear that you need to make each feast a success.

      From roasting planks to cooking tools, the best grilling gear is sure to please any grilling enthusiast. You can find a variety of outdoor grill accessories to enhance your food. Wood planks, including cedar and apple wood, can add unique flavors to different cuts of meat in your gas grill or smoker. Look for rotisseries that make grilling whole chickens a breeze and grill burners that help you cook all of your favorite small dishes next to the grill. Basting tools can help you keep meat and vegetables tender over the high heat of the grill.

      When you cook outside on the grill, you may not have the luxury of knowing exactly what temperature your food is cooking in, especially if you have an unregulated charcoal grill. Grill thermometers can measure the temperature of your grill as you're cooking and meat thermometers can help you track how well done your food is. Other grill accessories, like metal kebab skewers and other grilling accents, are perfect for creating tasty cuts of meat and other dishes. Stock up on grill utensils like grilling tongs and spatulas to easily remove food from the grates.

      Take extra care of your grill with accessories designed to clean and protect it. Weather-proof grill covers can be used to protect your grill from rain, sun, wind and snow, and lightweight covers keep dust from accumulating on your grill. Before you cover your grill for the night, make sure you've properly cleaned it with grill brushes and other practical cleaning tools.

      Stock up on outdoor grill accessories for your backyard kitchen. Whether you're a seasonal chef or you keep your outdoor kitchen operating year-round, Sears has the outdoor grilling gear that you're looking for. With the right gear, you can grill all your favorites and test out new recipes every night.


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