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Grills & Outdoor Cooking

Sears Top Grill Brands


Pick up a new grill for your backyard

Outdoor cooking is a relaxing hobby that makes good use of your deck or patio. With the right grill and cooking tools, it's easy to barbecue cuts of meat like hamburgers and hot dogs. As you grow more confident in your cooking prowess, add smokers and specialty cookers to your inventory of outdoor cooking appliances. Before long, you'll be a pro at grilling meats, various types of fish and vegetables on your charcoal, gas grills or electric grill.

If you like to experiment with new cooking trends, try infrared grills and smokers. As long as you set up these cooking appliances near an exterior outlet, you can grill up your favorite dishes in style. Surround yourself with friends and family members at your outdoor bar for frequent parties in the backyard or take a portable grill to a tailgate and cook up some hotdogs before kickoff. Even if you don't host parties on a regular basis, your family will also love grilled dinners throughout the week.

Heat up the grill and bring the whole family together for a meal. Sit back and relax on your patio furniture this summer and enjoy your backyard with the best outdoor grills from Sears. Shop for grills and great patio decor to enjoy fun dinners all summer long.