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      Add beauty to functionality with mailbox parts

      Upgrade the look of your existing mail receptacle with mailbox parts. You may have noticed that your box works great but simply does not express your style or add just a modicum of pizzazz to your landscape. Solar Group manufactures a mounting bracket that can change all that. The bracket securely attaches your box to a new round steel post. If you have more than one box out front, consider a Salsbury Industries rack ladder that holds two or four boxes. Using the racks has the power to attractively and uniformly place the boxes in the desired locations. Keeping them permanently aligned ensures an aesthetically pleasing appearance of your home's facade.

      Another possibility is an upgrade of the mounting pole. Move your box from an older post to an attractive wood or stainless steel mount. Finishes come in white, brown and black. Anchor these types of posts in the ground like a fence post and then attach the mailbox. The sturdy setup withstands even faster wind speeds and also the occasional soccer ball that the kids kick toward the house. Mayne manufactures posts that feature a small planter, which further beautifies the setup of your mailbox.

      You may notice that some homeowners in your neighborhood like to landscape around the mailbox and even include yard flags and other whimsical decorations. Take it a step further with flag accessories such as Evergreen's solar spotlight flag pole. The garden-sized flag is small and fits near or around your mailbox. Choose from plenty of whimsical designs for the flag. During the dark hours, the light of the pole setup illuminates the flag as well as a portion of your letter box.

      Since you are still working out your landscaping options around your letter box, why not take a closer look at pedestal mailboxes and perhaps upgrade what you have right now? Sears features one-piece boxes by Step 2, which come in stone gray and complement the front of your home beautifully. Other color choices include mocha and black, which further enhance their visual aesthetics against the backdrop of your landscape. Some boxes feature an optional newspaper and magazine slot that makes it easier for the letter carrier to fit envelopes into the actual box.

      Wall mount mailboxes come with a variety of security and decorative features. Plenty of these types of boxes feature locks. Qualarc makes boxes with pineapple and anchor logos. Using composite materials, the company also makes boxes that mimic leather pouches and boxes made of stucco or slate. Salsbury offers a box that has a surface made to look like antique brass. If you prefer the no-frills approach to mail receptacles, opt for the Solar Group's black horizontal box that comes with a magazine rack.

      Sears carries a large inventory of mailbox parts, flag accessories, pedestal mailboxes and wall mount mailboxes. Express your personal tastes with the type of box that you choose. Integrate it into your landscape or allow it to stand out as a focal point.


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