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      Install classic wall, pedestal or post mount mailboxes

      When you want to put up a new mailbox or upgrade an existing one, remember that there are many competitively priced mailbox choices at Sears. You can install classic wall styles, pedestal units or post mount mailboxes very easily. Post mount mailboxes are very sturdy and durable. Many post mount mailboxes feature galvanized steel designs and will withstand all kinds of weather. These are ideal for rural settings, and they are larger to accommodate decent amounts of mail. Some can be locked to keep people from stealing or tampering with your mail. Sears has many different post mount mailbox designs, from simple painted patterns to ornate scrollwork. We also have attractive lamp posts and lanterns that will add another visual highlight to your property as will your new mailbox.

      If you prefer to install sturdy pedestal mailboxes, Sears has a good selection of durable plastic or metal styles for you. Our plastic ones come in a wide variety of colors and styles, and they are made from heavy-duty materials that will withstand all types of weather. Metal mailboxes are another durable option that is available, and some have very ornate designs. All are priced affordably low at Sears. Many people want to have a locking pedestal mailbox for extra security. We have pedestal mailboxes in both plastic and metal materials. Some of our best-selling pedestal mailboxes feature bright, eye-catching colorful designs of landscapes or animals. One favorite from Fulton looks like a red and white barn. All of our mailboxes are easily installed on a post or pedestal bottom.

      If you already have a wall mount mailbox on your home, you may wish to replace it with one that coordinates with a new exterior design theme. Updating your property landscaping or your home exterior should also include installing a new mailbox. At Sears, we have many wall mount mailboxes and others. Wall mount mailboxes also are available in a locking style. We have plenty of plastic and metal wall-mounted mailboxes, so finding the right one is easy here. Metal mailboxes are available in stainless steel or brass. Our decorative wall mount mailboxes, like the ones made by Greg Hentzi Designs, are an exciting way to add a touch of color and art to your home exterior.

      Adding new post mount mailboxes or another style to your home or business exterior is an easy way that you can upgrade the look of your building at low cost. At Sears, you can find the perfect post mount, pedestal or wall mount mailboxes to complete your design scheme, all affordably priced. We can deliver these and any other order you have made, or you can pick your orders up in the store at your convenience.


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