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      Keep your mail safe with wall mount mailboxes

      Installing wall mount mailboxes from Sears is one the best ways of protecting your incoming letters and bills against tampering. The biggest reason for this heightened security is the close proximity to your home's windows and doors. Since you attach the box directly to your home's facade, it is in consistent line of sight and therefore discourages anyone from trying to access the box without authorization. When you shop for this type of product, look for letter boxes that feature a lock. Keeping your mailbox locked only allows access to the mail carrier via the top lid, which is too small for the average hand to fit through but easily accommodates envelopes.

      You do not have to sacrifice style and chic for security. Qualarc is a manufacturer that makes attractive slate-colored boxes with beautiful bronze logos. Design options include anchors, pineapples and eagles. The company also makes wall-mounted composite boxes that simulate stucco or clay materials. Salsbury Industries makes striking antique brass boxes that are as secure as they are decorative. Greg Hentzi Designs specializes in the creation of vertical boxes that feature a personalized copper front. The company makes the lid and rest of the box from stainless steel.

      Since these types of boxes greatly enhance the facade of your home, why not continue this trend with decorative banners? Attach the banners to your home with easy-to-install wall mounting brackets and a flag pole. Examples for the use of banners include special events, support of your favorite sports team and seasonal celebrations. What a great way to welcome friends and family members to a party!

      When you do not want to have the mailbox too close to your home, choose pedestal mailboxes instead. Put this attractive kind of letter box at the end of your driveway or by your walkway gate. Keeping your box away from your home allows you to keep the dog in the yard without having to worry about the animal causing any problem with the mail carrier. Step 2 and Solar Group are two manufacturers that produce a wide array of boxes fit for pedestal installation. Step 2 offers a box and post combination whereas Solar Group specializes in the manufacture of pedestal boxes only.

      You can get as creative as you like with post mount mailboxes. Buy the box and mount together to achieve the desired visual effect. Best Choice Products makes a black cast aluminum box that offers a number of Victorian style elements. Landscape around the box in keeping with this motif. Step 2 makes an estate box that comes with a planter. You would see this type of box in front of upscale horse properties and riding stables.

      Sears offers a wide variety of wall mount mailboxes, decorative banners, pedestal mailboxes and post mount mailboxes. Buy for security and beauty at the same time. Install the box of your choice today, and achieve a facade upgrade virtually instantaneously.


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