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      Make a splash with outdoor fountains and waterfalls

      The movement of water has a calming effect that can help you relax and appreciate the little things. Create an outdoor sanctuary in your own backyard with outdoor fountains or waterfalls. You can design a garden or pond landscape with these unique add-ons that offer the sights and sounds of flowing water. Sears has a variety of fountain statues, waterfalls and pumps to accentuate your patio area or pond.

      Fountains are beautiful pieces that are sure to impress your guests when they visit. They range from large, tiered displays to small, refined models so you can pick the right size for your patio and garden. Small fountains use self-contained water storage and refill with rainfall or through a hose. Large fountains may require water refills more often than small fountains. You can find stand-alone fountains featuring beloved characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse and elegant stone fountains that will accentuate your garden space and match the rest of your lawn ornaments and statues. Other fountains sit atop your pool or pond and spray water for an aesthetic display.

      Some fountains are designed to look like natural waterfalls, and you can add them to your garden pond for water circulation and visual appeal. With decorative rock waterfalls, you'll have a beautiful garden pond in your own backyard. Design a space with casual seating near your pond, so that you can curl up and relax with friends or family with the soothing sounds of running water in the background.

      You'll find several types of pumps available for your water displays. Small fountains require less water pressure than large models, so make sure you choose the right size pump for your fountain. Aerating fountains pump water into the air to create a dazzling effect. Some aerating fountains for pools and ponds are designed with multiple valves that allow the pump to cascade the water in your desired pattern. These fountain pumps can quickly improve the aesthetic value of a home or gated community. If you want to set up a waterfall in your pool or pond, you'll need a specialized pump designed for waterfalls.

      Whether you're looking to add a splash of water to your garden oasis or you want to enhance a small garden pond or built-in pool, a fountain or waterfall can be the perfect adornment for your backyard space. You can find a variety of water accessories for your home at Sears. Complete your outdoor paradise with beautiful embellishments, fountains and more.


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