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Beautify Your Yard and Garden

You enjoy your time outside a lot more when it looks beautiful. Choose some outdoor decor items from Sears to make your yard nicer to go into.

It's easy to install a new deck with Le Click interlocking decking tiles. These tile-like decking squares need no gluing or hammering to keep them in place; simply click them together to assemble. Each box has 10 tiles. The tiles are teak, which weathers to a silvery patina and never becomes slippery. Several patterns are available, including straight slats and two sizes of slatted squares. With Le Click panels, your deck will appear as though it took much more effort and skill than it actually did.

Light up your garden with some Real Spirit solar lanterns and bring a warm glow to your nights. These lanterns use solar power, so you don't have to worry about burying power lines. Their amber glass makes their light warm and inviting instead of harshly bright. They come with a shepherd's hook to hang them on. This allows their light to shine over a wider area than smaller walkway lights can. Real Spirit lanterns have a copper-colored frame and top that adds class and protects the bulb from the elements.

Add an interesting accent to your lawn or garden with an Echo Valley birdbath. Some of these birdbaths have an interesting swirled shape that is a focal point in itself. This version also has a swirled pattern, and the lighter areas glow in the dark for nighttime interest. Echo Valley's other style includes a fountain. Fountains help attract birds as well as produce a sound that is soothing for people. Whether your fountain's main purpose will be visual appeal or attracting wildlife, an Echo Valley birdbath is sure to satisfy.

These are just some of the many outdoor decor options offered by Sears. Look through the site and you're sure to find plenty of ways to beautify your deck, yard and garden. Order online, and all of your things will be delivered right to your door.



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