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      Stay warm with outdoor fireplaces from Sears

      Outdoor fireplaces allow you to enjoy the outdoors when the temperature starts to dip. There's nothing like relaxing in front of a few flames on a cold evening. By choosing a design that fits well with your patio or yard, you can add an interesting and functional touch to your home. Sears carries outdoor torches, fireplaces and accessories to keep you warm on chilly nights and to make entertaining easier through all seasons.

      Most outdoor fireplaces use a basin made from marble or another durable, attractive material to hold logs and kindling. Look for a model that fits with your home's outdoor decor. If you're looking for something more complex, check out gas outdoor fireplaces. While these units require some upkeep, they're a striking addition to any yard.

      Outdoor Heaters are another option for keeping your backyard warm on cool nights. Our heaters have engaging, modern designs that use brushed brass and stainless steel for a sophisticated look. They also provide serious heating power. Units from brands like Williams and Garden Radiance provide up to 40,000 BTU per hour, which is more than enough heat to overcome uncooperative weather when you're entertaining a few guests outdoors. We carry both electrical and gas-powered outdoor heaters for virtually any application. If you need to heat a large area, check out our excellent selection of commercial heaters from brands like Fireside. Commercial heaters can make your next garden party a hit, and our efficient models allow you to control your fuel costs while keeping guests warm.

      Our Patio Heaters are specialized outdoor heaters designed to function safely on a patio or deck. A patio heater has a slim profile and doesn't take up much room. Most units store easily and discreetly. Like traditional outdoor heaters, patio heaters provide excellent output. Units from brands like Blue Rhino generate 25,000 BTU or more of controllable heat and can warm an entire patio. State-of-the-art tower units output heat evenly in all directions without unpleasant odors or excessive operating noise. Tabletop units typically use propane to provide consistent heat for smaller areas.

      Don't forget to pick up a few Fireplace Accessories for indoor and outdoor heating systems. Our cleaning supplies are absolutely must-have items that keep your fireplace or heater safe. Sears also carries heater parts to make repairs easier and an assortment of add-ons for electrical units. Pick up a new remote for an electrical fireplace or store your firewood in a deluxe log holder. Whether you need to stock up on fuel or you're looking for a decorative door screen, we can help you find the accessories that you need while maintaining your budget.

      Don't miss another night outdoors due to cold weather. Shop with Sears today to browse through hundreds of patio heaters, outdoor fireplaces and accessories from top brands.


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