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      Outdoor Heating & Cooling

      Outdoor heating turns patios into party places

      Outdoor fireplaces, fire pits and patio heaters are just some examples of outdoor heating appliances. Why allow the weather to keep your party indoors or prevent you from having a larger fete to begin with? You built a patio to use it! When the mercury falls and the meteorologists predict dipping nighttime temperatures, turn on the outdoor heaters and turn an otherwise crisp evening into a comfortable backdrop for your gathering.

      Patio heaters are the most famous outdoor heating appliances currently on the market. They operate on propane or butane and can heat spaces between 20 square feet and 50 square feet. Fireplaces that are open on four sides can heat larger patios. In addition to the heat, these outdoor heating appliances also offer a visually pleasing addition to the landscape you cultivate. Fire pits provide the backdrop of a crackling fire, which adds so much to a party's atmosphere.

      Choose outdoor heaters that complement the setup of your porch, patio or landscape. A mounted radiant heater is the secret of professional entertainers. Safe for use even in coastal areas where the salty night air can damage other appliances, this type of heater uses electricity to quickly warm an area measuring more than 100 square feet. If you prefer the mobility of a movable patio heater, opt for a propane-powered appliance that runs for eight hours on one tank of propane and heats an area measuring about 20 square feet.

      Other types of heaters include tabletop propane patio heaters and radiant space heaters. If you are intending to use your garage or hobby room in the coolness of the evening, consider adding a garage heater to your appliance lineup. A fan-driven heating appliance, these portable heaters are rugged, small and nevertheless manage to heat an enclosed area quickly and consistently. If you are not a fan of propane-powered heating appliances in semi-enclosed spaces, this is a good alternative.

      Portable fireplaces provide another outdoor heating opportunity. Made to fit inside a home that the builders never outfitted for a built-in fireplace, you can plug in these appliances and enjoy the realistic sounds and visual aesthetics of a crackling fire. While manufacturers make the majority of these types of appliances for indoor use, some fireplaces are safe to use on a covered patio and anywhere else where heat is wanted and electricity is available.

      Sears sells a wide variety of outdoor heating appliances. Whether you are looking for propane, butane or electricity powered appliances, Sears has just the right heater for your patio, party room or yard. Buy one or more outdoor heaters today and start using your outdoor areas in warm comfort tonight.