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Add pizzazz to your landscape with outdoor lighting

With so many attractive outdoor lighting products on the market, you may have a difficult time choosing just the right ones for your backyard or other landscape areas. Why choose when you can have them all? Solar lights from Sears offer you worry-free illumination that is largely maintenance free. During the day, these lights charge and store up the energy. When the sun sets and it gradually gets dark, you will notice that the lights come on one by one. Since there is no need for any type of wiring, you may pick these lights for flowerbeds and other landscape features that are far away from your home. Better yet, get some hanging lights and put them in your larger trees. The effect of hanging globes illuminating the branches and foliage is stunning. Decorative lighting is not just for your living room anymore. These kinds of outdoor lighting features frequently rely on electricity, so they are good options for the deck or patio near the home.

Focus pathway lighting on the practical or the decorative. Battery-operated LED lights for stairs operate via motion sensors and ensure that you always have enough illumination to see the stairs. Torches provide a fun and functional backdrop to your backyard barbecue. If you are looking at beefing up your home's security, add flood lighting with motion sensors. These products come with easy-to-follow wiring diagrams and frequently also have all the mounting hardware that you need to install them. While you are adding pizzazz to your home's exterior, do not forget to look at your outdoor furniture sets. Should you go shopping for some replacements? There are patio bundles that combine various seating options as well as tables for comfort and functionality. Set up eating and conversation areas to suit your family's needs. Host your next party in style with one or more new outdoor furniture sets. Even your outdoor flag could use an upgrade.

Flag lighting makes it possible to decoratively display your national pride or highlight your staunch support of the local sports team. These easy-to-install lights rely on solar power, which makes them easy to add to virtually any type of flag pole. Usually measuring about 11 inches in width, the lights create a cone of light measuring up to 20 feet. This illuminates your flag as well as surrounding landscape features. Since you are already entrusting Sears with your outdoor lighting and security, why not also trust our experts with online services? We are here to serve you online as well as offline. Sears truly offers a one-stop-shopping destination. Sears carries a large inventory of outdoor lighting products, outdoor furniture sets, flag lighting items and online services. Whether you are in need of fancy or functional lighting solutions for any portion of your landscape, we have the products that meet those needs. Mix and match your lights today for an enjoyable time outside tonight.

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