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Creative lighting with outdoor lanterns and lamp posts

By setting out decorative lamp posts at home, you are creating a personal landmark that also serves a purpose. Using decorative lamp posts and lanterns for your outdoor lighting is more than just a way to illuminate your yard or business. It can also become a signature landmark for your property.

You can find many styles of lamp posts at Sears, from simple to ornate. We have some modern high pressure sodium lights and many styles of old-fashioned lamps that look quite nostalgic when set upon an ornate lamp post. Install a Garden Oasis Pedestal with Solar Lantern for an elegant look. This beautiful tapered lamp post has an antiqued, stacked stone finish that looks like brick but is actually made from concrete and sandstone. It has a solar-recharging battery and a lovely LED lantern on top, so you do not need to be concerned with a power source or cost. We also have all of the outdoor lighting accessories and parts you might need to maintain your outdoor lamp posts and to attach lanterns to those posts. We stock weatherproof receptacle covers to protect your outlets, transformers and all the electrical wiring you should have to install your new lighting.

Installing pathway lighting is an easy project to enhance any garden or yard. Sears has hundreds of ways to illuminate your pathways, including glow-in-the-dark markers and solar lights. Improve the appearance and value of your home with affordable lamp posts and pathway lighting. Use TransGlobe Stonebridge tall lamp posts that hold 1, 2 or 3 decorative lanterns along your pathways. By choosing cost-efficient solar lights, you benefit because they do not need to be wired for electricity. Charge them up all day and they will automatically glow at dusk. Use timers to help control energy costs for electrical pathway lighting. LED lights atop our pedestal lamp posts keep energy costs low. Create the atmosphere and look that you always wanted with decorative lamp posts and other pathway lighting from Sears.

Once you have lamp posts and lanterns attractively placed around your property, consider adding some decorative flags. Flags or banners are easy to install; all you will need are some flag poles to hang them on. We have a nice variety of flag poles and accessories for mounting flags, banners and bunting material. Create a restful setting with ACHLA Designs 4-ft Lutyens Wood Bench set next to a Shopzeus Gama Sonic Low Single-Head Solar Lamp Post. Add your solar bulb and get a solar-lighted flag pole that will keep your flag properly illuminated for night viewing. Other types of flag poles are mounted on buildings or walls with a special accessory bracket. Get an affordably priced American flag, pole and bracket all in one kit made by Valley Forge Flag Co.

Choose from our huge selection of lamp posts and other outdoor lighting accessories to use for improving your yard, garden or patio. Sears has many specialty items like flag poles and lamp posts to match up to your flags and lanterns. We are ready to deliver your order to your location, or you are welcome to come to Sears to pick up orders.


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