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      Light up the night with attractive lanterns

      Go ahead and enjoy being outdoors when you have attractive lanterns to light up the night. Sears has traditional, modern and antique-style lanterns to use while you are camping, enjoying the patio or for decorating your property. Many are portable and operate on batteries or solar power, so they are especially good for emergency lighting. We still carry traditional Coleman lanterns, but we also have many other decorative styles. Choose wall mount, portable or stationery lanterns to adorn your outdoor living spaces. These lanterns provide lighting and help set the mood for nighttime relaxation outside. Use our outdoor lighting accessories and parts to keep your lanterns clean and in working order. Our inventory of specialty hardware includes transformers, replacement glass and torch tip cleaner kits.

      Some lanterns are perfect to use for pathway lighting, placed atop posts or hung from poles. Find your way through a woodsy path on a dark night with ease when you have planned ahead to install lighting along that route. Wall mount lanterns add an ambience to a building exterior, patio or any room. Most are used outdoors, but some are fine for indoor use. For a lighthearted touch of humor and color in your garden, choose Garden Oasis garden LED solar stake lights. They come in various animal shapes, including their red or blue butterfly lights or their frog with a flower or leaf lights. Solar power will help keep utility costs down. Units charge up their batteries in the daylight and then turn on automatically as the sun sets. Use soft solar lights to set a romantic mood or liven up the night with strategically placed torch lighting.

      Install flag lighting to extend hours of enjoyment of your flags and banners. There are many ways to light up flags on poles or walls, including in-ground flood lights. For a softer look, use an ANNIN & CO solar flagpole light to cast a gentle 160-degree cone of light downward as far as 20 feet. The goal of flag lighting is to highlight and honor the flag, especially if it is the flag of your home country. Shine a light on your favorite sports team flags to let everyone know where your team loyalty lies. Find battery-operated, solar-powered flag lighting that is eco-friendly and cost-efficient at Sears, along with other more traditional accent lights.

      Come to Sears for all the outdoor lighting accessories for setting a mood or illuminating pathways and flags. Select your favorites from our collection of lanterns and other outdoor light products. Get everything delivered, or opt for picking orders up at your convenience at any of our stores.


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