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      Secure your home with outdoor security lighting and flood lights

      Dark and unsupervised areas of your property can be intimidating to guests and daunting for those who live in your home. With security flood lighting, you can make your house safe and inviting for residents and guests alike. You'll find a variety of outdoor security lighting for your front yard or backyard when you shop at Sears.

      If you want to save energy while operating security lighting when you need it, motion-activated light fixtures and lanterns will brighten or turn on completely when movement is detected. The detector can sense any motions in a particular radius so you can get to and from your front door with complete visibility. The sudden change in lighting can also catch unwanted visitors off-guard and deter them from potential malicious activity. Above and beyond security, many of these lights enable you to be outside anytime, day or night. Enjoy a late-night barbeque with your friends or tackle an urgent middle-of-the-night home repair with ease.

      Flood lighting is designed to illuminate large areas of your yard or home for safety and aesthetic purposes. You can use this unique lighting to accentuate your garden decor, offering a stunning evening view. If you have seasonal decorations, you can set flood lighting out in your front yard to make Halloween ghosts and goblins stand out or to illuminate Santa and his reindeer.

      The light bulbs that you install in your lights can offer energy-saving benefits. Lights with LED and compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs use significantly less wattage than flood lights with halogen bulbs. Choose classic white or colored LED bulbs to add a vibrant touch to your outdoor flood lighting and path lighting. You can also find lighting with attached solar panels. The solar capabilities of these fixtures make them less expensive to run. During the day, even on overcast days, the solar panels charge the batteries in your lighting, so that they operate efficiently each evening.

      Installing security and flood lighting can give you peace of mind while offering additional safety in and around your home. Sears has the permanent security and flood lighting fixtures that you need to create a safe and inviting front yard. Whether you attach light fixtures to your garage, place path lights in the ground or hang them under your porch roof, you can find the lighting solution for your house.


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