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      Sears Secures Your Location with Outdoor Security & Flood Lighting

      Secure your location with outdoor security lighting from Sears. Outdoor lighting deters criminal activity after dark by exposing and illuminating criminals. Dark and unsupervised areas of your property can be very enticing to criminals, but Sears supply of motion activated light fixtures will turn on or brighten when movement is detected. The sudden change in lighting can catch would-be criminals off guard and deter them from malicious activity. Sears carries motion-sensitive security lights by Heath/Zenith, Nightwatcher Security and more.

      Flood and security lights can offer additional benefits. For example, these bright outdoor lights enable you to be outside any time, day or night. From a late-night barbeque to an urgent middle-of-the-night home repair, Sears' selection of flood lights can extend your day and help you complete your outdoor tasks safely and at your convenience.

      Sears also sells outdoor flood lighting and outdoor security lighting fixtures with attached solar panels. The solar capabilities of these fixtures reduces the cost to operate these devices.

      Using LED or CFL bulbs in your flood or security lights can also save you money. Lighting EVER's bright LED flood lights use significantly less watts than flood lights using halogen bulbs. You can also replace the bulbs in other flood light fixtures with a CFL, LED or other cost-effective light bulb. Sears also sells colored LED bulbs from FSL/ATG Electronics.

      Sears stocks portable and permanent security and flood lighting fixtures. Whether you want to attach it to your building, stick it in the ground or carry it in your hand, Sears has your lighting solution.

      Buying security and flood lighting means buying safety and peace of mind. Make the right choice. Shop at Sears.


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