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      Outdoor cooking can change things up and add new flavors to your culinary talents. With an outdoor grill bundle from Sears, you can cook up a storm as soon as you assemble your grill. Some complete grill sets come with the accessories you need to clean and store your grill, while others offer trendy accessories to turn it into an all-purpose outdoor kitchen. Use a rotisserie to make a tender whole chicken or a wood plank to add flavors to steaks. Each bundle offers a unique set of grilling tools and accessories to prepare your go-to grill favorites and conquer new grill recipes with ease.

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      Get everything you need with a complete grilling set

      When you've bought a new home and finally have room for that gas grill you always dreamed of or you're ready to upgrade your old grill, consider a grill bundle that's going to have everything you need to take care of your new grill. These fully loaded grill bundles come with a variety of grilling accessories in addition to the grill that you want. Sears has the grill sets that you need to care for and use your grill all season long.

      You'll want to choose a grill set that offers all the accessories that you may need throughout the grilling season. You can't operate a gas grill without a propane tank, and many gas grilling bundles include this necessary accessory. When you're finished cooking, you'll want to shelter your grill from the elements. Protect it overnight and during inclement weather with a reliable grill cover. If you're looking to try out different cooking styles, you can find bundles that even come with a rotisserie add-on, so you can make delicious rotisserie chicken and other meat dishes.

      If you've already got the grill of your dreams, but you want to upgrade your grilling accessories, Sears has the bundles that you're looking for. Complete grilling sets are available with grill tools, aprons and meat thermometers so you can cook meat and veggies to perfection. Look for durable utensils that can withstand high temperatures, including spatulas, tongues and brushes. A grill thermometer can ensure that you're cooking all of your meat to the proper temperatures, whether it's for food safety or for personal preferences.

      Travel grilling sets are ideal for avid campers, road trippers and tailgaters. You can find sets that include small tabletop grills, utensils, meat thermometers, wood planks and even some sets that include pizza stones. Small grills are easily stored in the trunk of your car or in an outside panel of your motor home. If you frequent sports tailgate parties, your little grill is sure to be a hit because it heats up rapidly and uses less propane than a standard gas grill. The accessories make cooking easy while adding a unique touch, whether you're grilling salmon on cedar planks or creating a breakfast pizza for an early morning tailgate.

      Whether you're dining out while camping or barbecuing in your backyard, a grill bundle will come with all of the necessities to create the perfect meal. At Sears, you can find the best selection of grilling sets complete with everything you need and more.


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