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      Have a blast with foam toys and blasters

      Whether you call them water guns, soakers or blasters, children from ages two to 102 love to get wet with these fun toys. Blasters are perfect pool toys. Indoor swimming is made more exciting with water guns and foam toys. Outdoor pools are even better when kids and adults can spray each other with super-soaking blasters. These toys are universal. They work anywhere and for all ages. Best of all, Sears carries multiple blasters so that you can easily find age appropriate toys for every member of your family.

      No pool access? No problem! Blasters are also perfect for the great outdoors. Enjoy the comfort of patio swings as you watch the children run and play. Water guns from Sears are safe enough to allow young kids to enjoy the thrill of a healthy battle without the worry of someone getting injured. You can also relax knowing that your kids are exerting energy outdoors when they play with these fun toys. Blasters are also fun any time of the year. They are great during those times of year that are regularly hot, but you should also keep water guns on hand for any warm days that arise.

      Blasters make great additions to your beach gear. Whether you live nearby or are traveling on a family vacation, don't forget to bring water guns and foam toys to the beach with you. Let the kids explore the ocean or the sand as they battle each other. Bring along some other beach toys like sand buckets and castle building supplies so that kids can create an entire village to protect with their blasters. You can also create the beach in your own backyard with Sears' supply of sandboxes and water tables.

      Foam guns offer a fun alternative to blasters on those days that kids don't feel like getting soaked. Stock up on foam guns for all of the kids in your family as well as extras for friends. Every time your children get together, they will want to play with these exciting toys. Make your backyard a play yard by equipping storage benches with both foam guns and blasters so children can decide for themselves which items they prefer on any given day. Keep storage containers near swing sets or other outdoor play equipment so toys can easily stay separated from yard supplies.

      Shop Sears for foam toys and blasters for all of the kids and fun-loving adults in your family. We have a wide selection of these outdoor toys at great prices. Blasters add even more fun to the pool or the beach. They help to keep your backyard as exciting as ever. Show your family how energizing playing with each other can be. Buy your blasters from Sears today.


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