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Have fun in the sun with beach toys from Sears

Whether you tote them along for a beach getaway or you put them in your backyard, beach toys from Sears are made for fun in the sun. Kids love playing with water and sand, even when they're not at the beach. While they can always carry pails and shovels for a day by the ocean, they can also enjoy these playthings in their own sandboxes. Find the perfect outdoor toys designed to keep kids entertained all day long.

Little Tykes knows what kids want, which is why the brand makes toys that hold up to hours of play. Kids can turn a sandbox into anything they like, whether they imagine it's a construction zone or ocean vacation site for a trio of dolls. Sturdy and safe materials make these toys suitable for toddlers and older children, too. Step 2 provides sandboxes and sand tables sure to make the outdoors your child's favorite place to be. They can sift sand or refill and empty buckets time and again. Cover these boxes when it's rainy, and the sand stays dry until next time. Sears has a variety of sandboxes and tables for kids of all ages, as well as blasters that introduce even more water fun.

Pail and shovel sets are colorful essentials when you're headed to the beach. Kids can while away an entire day building sandcastles and sand animals. Affordable sets from Toy Connections and Joybay contain everything your family needs to create a towering castle complete with moat or humongous sea turtle. Your kids will still remember all the building you did together years from now. Once you're back at home, continue the outdoor fun with your own backyard beach toys or bubbles that float up to the sky.

Melissa & Doug makes colorful beach toys that put a different spin on sand play. Instead of the usual molds, now you can make cupcakes and cookies. You can't eat them, but they're a step above mud pies. Small World provides toy sets full of everything a kid needs to have fun, whether they're playing in the water or the sand. Toy boats bob along while truck molds create sandy trucks. Half of the fun for a young child is in smashing it and building it up again. While your kids are absorbed in outdoor play, you can take a break on your backyard patio furniture, with their kid-sized toy furniture right next to you.

With brands like Learning Resources and MotivationUSA offering quality toys that entertain in and out of the water, you can't go wrong. Sears has a large variety of affordable and durable options that turn warm seasons into endless playtime. Give your kids the gift of outdoor toys sure to provide refreshing fun that invites dream-filled nights.


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