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      Use outdoor chairs for al fresco dining

      Enjoy the serenity of your backyard in comfort with an assortment of outdoor chairs. Spend your family time there, eat outside or just relax after a long day at work. Furniture made for backyard use features durable materials and easy-to-clean surfaces. Examples include plastic lumber, wood and stainless steel hardware. Cleanup usually only requires a garden hose and a rag for wiping surfaces clean.

      With so many design styles currently on the market, choosing the right outdoor chairs for your backyard, deck or patio is easy. Opt for a European chic with tall stools and low backs. Pick a nautical theme with wide folding chairs that easily store until you are ready to use them again. Depending on your landscape design, you may also decide to choose Chippendale-style outdoor furniture or Mission-style chairs that feature the straight lines, which make this design type so famous.

      Some of the most famous backyard furniture pieces are Adirondack chairs. Choose from plastic lumber, oak wood or recycled materials. You may enjoy the unpainted version that will silver over the course of the seasons or go with a painted model. Some of the most popular color choices are white and gray.

      Add outdoor ottomans to your seating arrangements for added comfort. Opt for an ottoman that complements the style of your outdoor chairs. For example, if you pick a Ty Pennington chair, it is a good idea to pair it with an ottoman of the same style. This ensures an attractive appearance of your outdoor seating area. There are special Adirondack ottomans for pairing with these types of chairs. Match the finish of the ottoman to complement the coloring of the chair. Some ottomans feature an added storage compartment below the cushion. If you have a lot of small gardening hand tools that you need to store, this type of ottoman could very well be the answer to your clutter problem.

      If you would like to mix and match different types of outdoor chairs but still maintain a unified visual appeal, choose Polywood patio furniture. Whether you pick a classic cafe chair or mission model, the use of similar colors and design patterns lets you incorporate a variety of styles into your outdoor seating areas. Add a few saddle seat stools and ottomans to the mix for diversity. This assortment of outdoor furniture is as functional as it is visually appealing. Group these seating areas beneath a canopy for sun protection.

      Sears carries a large selection of outdoor chairs, Adirondack chairs, outdoor ottomans and Polywood patio furniture products. Pick and choose your favorite styles for an attractive assortment of seating areas. Create a dinner setting, breakfast nook and conversation areas. Buy your favorite outdoor chairs today and recline in comfort tonight.


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