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Protect your patio with outdoor furniture covers

Once you've created a backyard oasis, you want to take every precaution to ensure that your patio furniture stays in excellent condition. With outdoor furniture covers, you can easily maintain the quality of your casual patio chairs and other furniture sets. You've already got a backyard you can enjoy all summer long; all you have to do now is take care of your furniture and decor. Elegant and stylish outdoor furniture should have a protective furniture cover to keep it safe from the outdoor elements. At Sears, you can find the perfect patio furniture covers for all of your outdoor living essentials.

Outdoor furniture covers can extend the life of your outdoor furniture. Whether you're covering your outdoor dining set, casual furniture or decorative accents, you'll love the stylish designs available for your protective furniture covers. Look for covers that are specifically designed for your patio furniture. At Sears, you can find fitted covers that will help protect your outdoor furniture and keep your patio sets looking showroom-new.

When it comes to protecting your outdoor dining sets, you want to have a cover that will keep cushioned chairs and tables safe from rain, sun and dust when they're not in use. Some covers will wrap around your entire dining set, and others are designed to wrap snugly around individual pieces of furniture. You can even find stackable chair covers to minimize the amount of space that your covered furniture uses. For casual seating with cushions and pillows, you'll want to keep them snugly protected with a fitted cover.

In addition to your outdoor furniture, you'll want to keep other outdoor decor and equipment protected from the elements. Cover umbrellas, air conditioning units, patio heaters and more. When the rain starts falling, you won't have to worry about your outdoor sanctuary when everything is shielded from the storm. You can even match the covers of your decorative items to your patio furniture and dining set covers.

Your patio furniture will last longer when you care for it by using patio furniture covers, and the same goes for your grill. Grill covers should be used whenever you are not cooking to help keep dirt and debris away from cooking surfaces and also to help extend the lifetime of your grill. Your grill can be a huge investment, so you shouldn't let bad weather damage it and prevent you from enjoying outdoor cooking. Our grill covers can be ordered to fit your grill snugly, and they have quality construction and designs that look good while providing the protection you want. We have covers for grills of all sizes and shapes, including covers for fire pits, small portable grills and smokers. For sports fans, you can find many grill covers imprinted with team logo designs.

Don't let inclement weather harm your outdoor patio furniture. Use outdoor furniture and grill covers to protect your outdoor decor from the elements. Choose from several different protective covers from Sears, and enjoy outdoor living all season long.


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