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      Kick back and relax outdoors with a hammock

      Relaxing outdoors can become a more enjoyable pastime when you can spend hours in a hammock. Hammocks have always been an easy fix for fatigue; just set one up between trees or other supports and stretch out for a nice rest or nap. Single hammocks are perfect for a satisfying nap by yourself, while double hammocks let you and that special someone spend time side-by-side.

      Hammocks with stands are a great option for people who may want to move their hammock into the sunlight. Hammock stands can be easily lifted and moved around the yard or placed in a gazebo for temporary shade. Sears' selection of hammock and stand sets comes in a variety of colors that pair well with any color pallette. Along with a variety of color options, you'll find different designs like a hammock chair that allows you to sit upright instead of laying down.

      Come home after work and relax before you fire up the electric grill for dinner. Leave time a little time for relaxing every day. Whether it's napping or reading while you enjoy cooling shade, hammocks make great place to relax. Build your own personal retreat in your own backyard with a new hammock from Sears.


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