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      Create cool spots with outdoor fans and shades

      Create cool spots even in the hottest seasons with outdoor fans, misters and shades from our outdoor living patio collections. Set up heavy duty outdoor fans to cool larger areas or use a mister for spraying out a cooling water spray of mist around the pool or patio. We stock many full-size misters and hand-held misters. There's no need to suffer from excessive heat and humidity when you have these patio accessories ready to use. Erect a cooling pergola or canopy above your hot tub to relax in comfort without worrying about sunburn and UV rays ruining your experience. Hot tubs can fit into even the smallest backyard or patio area. Use a fitted cover to help retain heat in the water and to protect your hot tub from winter snow and ice. You can use hot tubs in any season, no matter where you are living. With a shade cover overhead, you are not exposed to inclement weather and can always enjoy a hot soaking session.

      Our outdoor living department features many types of outdoor shades, from room-sized gazebos and pergolas to individual canopies and tents. Having shade nearby on a hot day can create a pleasant place for you and family or friends to rest and recuperate from hot weather activities working around the yard or playing around the pool or patio. Gazebos are often quite fancy in design, and some have side curtains or pull down sides for additional protection from wind and weather. Pergolas more often offer you open shade and full visibility. They are an attractive focal point for garden, yard or patio areas. Most are large enough that you can fit a picnic table, bistro set or patio dining set underneath with plenty of room to spare. You will enjoy more hours outside when you have some outdoor shades to modify hot or inclement weather conditions.

      Encourage a great family tradition of outdoor dining by placing picnic tables in your yard and around the patio or pool. This is the favorite spot for everyone to share outdoor meals, and there is plenty of room for extra guests. We have a large selection of picnic tables in all sizes, from large and long to kid-sized sets. Most will comfortably seat six to eight persons and hold all your picnic foods and accessories. Some models are portable, folding up into a self-carrying case. Some carrying cases also sport famous logos that show support for your favorite college and sports teams. Another accessory to bring along to picnic parities is one of our classic picnic baskets, packed with serving dishes and other utensils. Picnic at home or away with our affordable picnic tables and outdoor dining accessories. We also stock shade covers that will fit around your picnic table and chairs.

      We are always on top of the best outdoor living products you need to create cooling spots and peaceful places to dine around your home and patio. Outdoor fans and misters are a simple solution to heat and sunshine while hot tubs covered with outdoor shades offer relief from blistering sunshine. Add a picnic table, and your entire family will find pleasant outdoor activities to enjoy together. Shop Sears for outdoor living necessities, accessories and extras. We can deliver your order, or you may pick up orders at any of our many locations.


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