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      Picnic Tables

      Picnic tables are perfect for quick backyard family dinners. Transform your patio or deck into a campground and watch the kids as they eagerly set this outdoor table for the meal. Food always tastes wonderful when you are eating it outside. Best of all, there are no televisions or telephones to disturb your family meal. If you want to get serious about al fresco family dining, check out the many gorgeous outdoor dining sets that Sears offers. Seating up to 10 people, these sets frequently feature an umbrella for sun or light rain protection. Go ahead, make al fresco dining your new family tradition this year.

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      Check out Sears patio furniture and picnic tables

      The sheer variety of patio furniture and picnic tables available makes it essential for you to assess your patio space, your style preferences and your intended uses. For example, if you are throwing a party, you should consider seating requirements and the types of food you intend to serve, such as buffet items, finger foods or plated food. Sears makes your shopping easy by providing a large selection of tables in different sizes, features and price ranges as well as grills, patio furniture and food, making it possible for you to get all your patio supplies on one platform.

      If you are entertaining guests at home or in a commercial setting, consider accessibility, appropriateness and maintenance when selecting a picnic table. A table model like the Polly Products Deluxe Picnic Table ADA that enables easy wheelchair access may be ideal for you. Made from 100-percent recycled materials, this model is eco-friendly and rust-free. If you prefer unconventional shapes instead of the traditional long table, consider a round or octagon model like the OFAB Inc. Picnic Table Octagon 48 inches that seats eight people. Composed from heavy-duty commercial grade aluminum and construction materials coupled with unique and artistic designs, you get a highly durable, corrosion-free and stylish table. If your group will consist of children, consider a scaled down version like the weather-resistant Eagle One Kids All Greenwood Table.

      A patio that has some forms of entertainment may fit your purposes precisely. If so, consider wood patio furniture. A swing, for example, is an excellent addition to any patio because it offers an area for guests to lounge and relax. A swing like the Cedar Looks Six Inches Triple Patio Rocker, which sits three comfortably, is a strong pick. Its solid cedar structure guarantees years of carefree use. Cedar is impervious to insects, decay and weather destruction, making such a model a wise investment.

      If you plan to barbeque, consider sizzling gas grills. A grill like the Kenmore Six Burner Stainless Steel Front Gas Grill with Smoker is an excellent choice. Gas grills offer instant lighting and heat control at the twist of a dial, eliminating the need for lighter fluid, charcoal and messy newspapers. The adjustable cooking racks give you flexibility to smoke food with greater precision, reducing food waste. Its foldable side shelf makes meal preparation a snap, and once you are done, you can simply fold it down for easy storage. The cabinet space provides room for pots as well as BBQ utensils, giving you a resourceful cooking station. With an easy-to-clean pullout grease tray and grease cup, maintenance is also stress-free.

      A good way to ensure that you have essential goodies for your entertainment engagements is to buy food in bulk. Bulk food buying saves you money because you forego costs associated with individual packaging, labeling and advertising. It is also an eco-friendly practice as it reduces waste that accompanies packaging and containers. A bulk treat like Planters Fancy Whole Cashews with Sea Salt makes a tasty appetizer for your guests and makes entertaining easy for you because it requires no work in the kitchen.

      Whether you are looking for outdoor tables, patio fixtures, grills or food, Sears has the right product selections to keep your outdoor entertaining simple and fun.


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