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      Shop Sears For All of Your Outdoor Pest Control Needs

      Outdoor pests cause a variety of problems in the areas surrounding your home, regardless of region or climate. Get rid of the nuisance with Sears' full line of outdoor pest control products.

      Some of the most destructive outdoor pests are the ones that make their way into your home. To keep bedbugs, ants, roaches and other crawling insects at bay, trust Safer Brand insect killers and repellents. This type of repellent is safe for use in organic gardens, so you can rest assured in the knowledge that even your edible fruits and vegetables are free of unnatural chemical pesticides.

      Physical barriers and traps are often the best protection against larger pests, such as rabbits, opossums, gophers, moles and raccoons. Havahart and Advantek manufacture humane devices with dual-door construction to make trapping animals safe and easy. Wire mesh is resistant to rust and damage, and more intricately designed small traps ensure that mice and other rodents don't escape. Humane traps eliminate the need for harmful poisons in and around your house, making your living environment safer for pets as well as humans.

      Sometimes, pets and other animals from surrounding areas can become a nuisance as well. To keep deer, birds, squirrels and neighborhood dogs and cats away from your home, browse Sears' selection of electronic animal deterrent technology. Ultrasonic frequencies, inaudible to the human ear, are intolerable to the more sensitive ears of pets and pests alike. PestControl's brand of digital and ultrasonic models are available as individual wall units or as packs of multiple units for use all around the house.

      Snakes can cause damage to gardens and present a potential danger to pets and your family. To get rid of snakes without killing them, sprinkle granular or liquid snake repellent along edges of property, along fence lines and around the borders of your garden or walkways. Dr. T's Nature Products and Liquid Fence snake repellent are both safe to snakes and your lawn. A patented mixture of confusing scents and flavors irritate the snake's senses, forcing them away from your home and garden.

      Keep your lawn and garden safe and free of pests, no matter the season. Shop your local Sears today for all of your outdoor pest control needs.



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