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      Keep the pests out of your garden with clever animal deterrents

      You spend all season building the perfect garden, and last thing you want is to lose your crop to a bunch of pesky animals. Between moles, rabbits, deer and other pests, it can be hard to protect your garden from all of the potential animal intruders. Animal and rodent control can be as simple as building your garden in a way that protects it from so many outside influences. Just as you use bug repellant and insecticide to keep insects from munching on your plants, so too can you build in animal deterrents to your garden.

      The good news is that there are plenty of low-tech and low-chemical options for keeping the animals away from your tomatoes and lettuce. Start by constructing a garden that automatically protects your plants from outside influences; a good fortress is the first line of defense when it comes to deterring animals. Plant your crops in raised beds with wire bottoms that keep moles from poking their heads up through the ground. Raise your bed up high enough that rabbits and other small rodents can't reach up to the delicious leaves. When possible, build a protective fence around your garden to keep taller animals such as deer away from your bounteous produce.

      Once you have built a strong garden, use natural deterrents to keep the animals away. Moving or noisy decorations, such as pinwheels and wind chimes, will keep some of the more skittish animals away. Move your pinwheels periodically to keep the animals on their toes. It also doesn't hurt to have a fake predator decoration sitting inside your garden. The outline of a wolf will keep most smaller animals away. Scarecrows have commonly been a method for keeping birds away, though modern decorated balloons seem to do a little bit better job. It may also help to put a few spikes on areas of your garden that might otherwise make attractive perches.

      The right plants may also keep the animals away. Though some animals such as deer will eat just about anything, various types of herbs or plants are off-putting to some animals (and even insects), which means they may avoid the garden altogether if they get a whiff of something they don't like. The type of plants you need will depend on the type of pests in your area. Lemongrass is a great animal deterrent, because it keeps both deer and mosquitoes away, giving you more bang for your buck.

      Between physical barriers and carefully placed plants and objects, you can work to keep your garden protected from animal intrusions without the need for traps or hazardous chemicals. To build up the perfect fortress for your backyard farm, turn to Sears, where you will find a variety of building supplies and animal deterrents to fit the need of any environment. With quality brands at prices you love, plus all the tools you need to make your garden a success, we are your destination for garden planning.


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