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      Eliminate bugs with insect killers and pesticides

      Minimize the insect population outside your home with insecticides and other pest eliminators. Instead of waiting until the bugs start coming into your house, keep the problem at bay with the right products for the job. Sears has the insect killers and other pesticides that can keep your yard and garden free of destructive pests.

      Outdoor lighting on your patio attracts hundreds of bugs each hour. By installing a specialized insect killer near your outdoor light fixtures, you can kill a variety of insects immediately. Place pesticide dispensers around your deck or patio to capture mosquitoes and other biting insects before they reach you. Electronic flying insect killers attract flies and other winged bugs so you can lead them away from areas of your yard occupied by people.

      In late spring and early summer, you'll want to hang mosquito traps outdoors to prevent the bugs from biting you and your family. Protect pets from mosquitos, fleas and other parasitic insects with bug sprays and poisons that are designed specifically for each type of insect. You can find flea traps, mosquito deterrents, tick killers and more to handle all of the potential parasites in your yard. For roaches and other crawling bugs, use bug traps and sprays to keep them at bay. If you have an ant infestation heading closer to your home, you can find a variety of ant killers in order to eliminate your unwanted guests before they take up residence indoors.

      Unfortunately, bugs don't tend to stay in one place. Many flying insects follow food, so they'll likely be near you or a dining space. With a portable insect repellant, you can defend yourself against bugs wherever you go. You can also find handheld electric bug zappers that let you swat and kill flying bugs in and around your yard. If you have wasp or hornet nests in the yard or near your pool, you'll need to eliminate the insects before removing the nest. By spraying wasp and hornet killer at night when these stinging creatures are dormant or inactive, you'll be able to take out the nest with ease.

      You can solve your pest problems with insect killers and bug sprays that keep creatures away from your living space. Enjoy the warm weather and relax in your yard without worry when you eradicate the insect colonies taking over your yard or patio.


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