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      Take precautions with pest control traps and other chemical-free traps

      Outdoor pests cause a variety of problems in the areas surrounding your home, regardless of region or climate. Get rid of these nuisances with powerful outdoor pest control products. You can find traps and other products that are free of unnatural chemical pesticides, so they are safe for use in organic homes and gardens. Sears has the pest control traps that you're looking for to handle your pest problem, whether it's with small animals or insects.

      Some of the most destructive outdoor pests are the ones that make their way into your home. Get to the insects before they get to you, by using chemical-free traps and repellents that you can use in your garden or backyard. If you'd rather avoid using insect killers, there are a variety of safe options to choose from. Specialized traps for flying insects like mosquitoes and flies can keep your backyard insect population low. To keep ants, roaches and other insects at bay, you'll find insect traps at Sears that will protect you from these unwanted creepy crawlers without harmful sprays or solutions.

      Mice and other small rodents tend to find homes in outdoor storage sheds. Keep the rodents under control with traditional and electronic traps, depending on your preference. Some mouse traps will immediately kill rodents while others merely catch mice or rats so you can release them or call animal control. If you would prefer to steer clear of classic springboard trap models, look for small one- and two-door cages for rodents. You can find humane models that keep mice and rats alive while you wait for animal control.

      Physical barriers and traps are often the best protection against large pests, such as rabbits, skunks and raccoons. Humane traps eliminate the need for harmful poisons in and around your house, making your living environment safer for pets as well as humans. If neighborhood pets and large wild animals are your biggest issue, traps may not be the best solution. To keep these large animals from surrounding forest preserves and state parks away from your home without traps or poisons, consider using electronic animal deterrent technology.

      Keep your lawn and garden safe and free of pests, no matter the season. Sears has everything you need for all of your outdoor pest control problems so you can rest assured that your home is protected.


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