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      Keep tabs on current conditions with at-home weather stations

      The weatherman on the local news does a pretty good job of predicting and reporting the current conditions in your hometown, but sometimes you don't want to wait around for the daily report. Plus, it's pretty fun to see how the conditions in your backyard compare to the ones up the road. Luckily, you can select from a variety of weather stations that report and record the daily conditions right at your home. Some weather stations will even help predict the weather so you know whether snow shovels or the snowblower are on the agenda for tomorrow.

      Outdoor weather stations come in a variety of styles, with many different features available. Complete weather stations will usually include outdoor thermometers, barometers and wind readers to help give you an accurate picture of the conditions outside. You can buy analog instruments that will give you readouts you can record yourself, or you can opt for a really cool digital model that transmits the information wirelessly into the comfort of your home.

      The readouts on high-end weather stations will usually list the time and date along with multiple temperature readings, including both inside and outside temperatures, wind chill and dew point. Humidity readings may also give you a heat index temperature as well. Barometric pressure readings will help you determine if a change in weather is likely. You will also want your weather station to record wind speed and direction. Wind speed will help you determine whether it is time to fly a kite or time to batten down the hatches. Wind direction will usually give you an idea as to what type of weather system is headed your way. Variations let you know if systems are on the move or likely to stay put for a while. Your weather station may be able to read and interpret all of these measurements to give you a weather prediction, or you may want to do the interpreting yourself. Still other weather stations hook up to the internet to give you the predictions of weather professionals in the area.

      While a quick visit to your favorite weather prediction site might give you all you need to know to get out the door in the morning, it may not be enough for the avid naturalist. If you like to watch birds and wildlife, it can be important to log the weather conditions, since precipitation and wind speed can have an effect on the activity of the local flora and fauna. You may also be interested in the wind conditions if you fly model airplanes or golf frequently. Likewise, weather stations are great if you plan to be out on the water. The wind direction and speed are great indicators for wave and surge conditions. Whether you need a weather station for work or play, Sears is here to help with a variety of weather stations to fit your hobbies, interests and career aspirations. Stop by to select a weather .station that will record all the data you need.


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