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      Getting the details right gives you special pride in your home remodeling projects. Redoing a bathroom or redecorating your kids' bedrooms involves more than new fixtures and a coat of paint. Use caulking tools and supplies from Sears for sealing around toilets and sinks and for patching nail holes in walls. While you have the old wallpaper removed, use your caulking tools to seal gaps around door and window frames for improved energy efficiency. With the hidden details taken care of, grab a paintbrush and start coating the walls with your favorite colors. Put the finishing touches on your redecorating with wall borders and wall appliques from Sears. Find wallpaper border rolls and wall decals in designs to fit your taste.

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      Protect your home with the right caulking tools

      Useful for inside and outside your home, caulking tools let you seal cracks in the stucco or waterproof around the chimney. Keep out the cold and rain with the help of multipurpose exterior caulk. While it is possible to manually apply the caulking materials with a tube, using the right types of tools actually gives your caulk job a much more professional look. Case in point is a caulking gun. Insert your caulk tube and use the tool for the application of a consistent bead of caulking along a larger crack or seam.

      Other kinds of tools include utility knives and smoothers. The knife lets you remove old caulk. If you run across cracks that have debris or detritus inside them, the utility knife helps you loosen these items so that you can remove them with a stiff bristle brush. After you apply the caulk, a smoother gently forces the substance deeper into a crack. Along a seam, this nifty tool lets you get a uniform look of the caulk strip without having to resort to tracing it with a wet finger, which then calls for a rather messy cleanup.

      While you are weatherizing the outside of the home, do not forget to buy a few deck care supplies as well. Waterproofing products protect the wood against rot. Deck stains protect the color of the wood even as it must endure periodic rain and the UV rays of the sun. If you have a deck that has suffered some neglect in the past, use a restoring product that tints weathered wood just as it also waterproofs the area.

      Inside your home, it is sometimes difficult to conceal insulation around ceiling light fixtures and fans that you just recently installed. If you are noticing sigs of the insulation between your ceiling and the next floor, simply install medallion molding before hanging your ceiling appliances. This type of molding is gorgeous to look at and offers a bit of space to cover the telltale pink of the insulation. Depending on the design, medallion molding can also provide a suitable hiding space if you are dealing with an overage of wires.

      Finish your insulation projects with weather stripping. With the rising cost of energy and the gradual aging of your home, caulk alone no longer manages to keep hot air inside and cold air outside. Weather stripping secures windows and door frames. Another area, which these materials can temporarily close off to the elements, include the bottoms of the doors where drafts enter the home.

      Sears carries a wide variety of caulking tools, deck care supplies, medallion molding and weather stripping products. Protect your home against the elements today by investing in a suitable combination of these items. Buy everything you need to seal in the warmth today from Sears, and you will enjoy energy savings throughout the year.


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