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      Keep on top of shedding and more with great small pet grooming tools

      If you have been reading up on proper animal care in your small pet books, then you know that small pet grooming can be just as important as food and water for many animals. Small pet health care starts with good hygiene and grooming care, which only takes a few minutes if you have the right tools and know-how. Different pets require different types of grooming, but you will typically find that you need to stay on top of pet hair, nails and for some animals, teeth.

      For furry pets, you want to keep the fur clean and free of tangles. In short haired breeds, this may be as easy as tidying up the cage once in a while and giving your pet a quick wipe down from time to time. However, small pets with long hair need a little more attention in order to avoid tangles, odor and mange. Whether you have a long-haired guinea pig or a fluffy miniature dog, you will need a few small pet grooming tools to help you tame that mane. Some gentle pet shampoo will keep the fur clean and odor-free; just invest in a gentle formula that is free of harsh chemicals. A good brush will help remove hair and keep control of shedding and de-tangle and messes at the same time.

      Many pets will also require regular nail care as well. You want to keep nails short and tidy so that they do not grow long. Long nails can be painful and are easily infected, so you will need some sort of nail trimmer to keep them in check. Tiny clippers will quickly cut short nails on patient animals. Other animals may prefer the gently sanding of a nail grinder tool. These tools shave down the nail and can help you avoid the quick in dark nails, making for an all-around easier grooming experience. Cats and frisky critters won't sit still for a nail trimming moment, so you will need to invest in plenty of scratching posts and toys in order to avoid dangerous nail growths or irreparable damage to your curtains and furniture.

      Though you may not have to brush their teeth daily, your small pets still need some tools for dental hygiene. You may be able to brush the teeth on your small dog from time to time, but mostly you will take care of dental hygiene with treats and toys that naturally clean and floss the teeth. For many rodents, you will also need to give them rough treats and toys that help keep those chompers filed down to a manageable length. Occasionally, you may have to do a little work with a tooth file as well.

      Finally, you can use some grooming techniques to control odor in the cage. Proper cage cleaning is a good start, but the right shampoo and treats will keep body odor and bad breath down to a bare minimum. From small pet collars to brushes and more, Sears can help you keep your pet groomed and happy for years to come. With a wide supply of everything from shampoo to scratching posts at a price you can afford, we can keep you and your pets healthy and happy for less.


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