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Pet Supplies

Find the best pet supplies for pet dogs, cats, birds and fish at Sears

If you have a special animal companion at home, you know that our fluffy friends give us the gift of unconditional affection every day of their lives. They deserve the best, so make sure they get it with pet supplies from Sears. This is where you'll find high quality pet houses, pet beds, fish tanks, bird cages and much more.

Every member of the family needs a good night's sleep to live a happy and healthy life, and your pets are no exception. If your puppy's not allowed on your bed, he'll love sleeping all night long in a soft and comforting dog bed. On the other hand, if your furry family members like to snuggle with their owners at night, they'll appreciate having their own mattress pet cushions.

If you'd like to get into keeping goldfish as a hobby, you'll need a few aquatic supplies on hand. Start out with a simple fish bowl; these are sized just right for one or two fish and are easy to take care of. More serious hobbyists will want a larger model like a ten to twenty gallon aquarium. When equipped with an air pump, water filter and aquarium light, these larger units can support multiple fish as well as bottom dwellers like crayfish and freshwater crabs.

Whether you're a bona fide dog person or you prefer the company of cats, your pets need more than just love from you. You'll find everything you need to keep your animal companions fit, healthy and happy here at Sears.